1. Hearing Fees:
    A fee deposit is required upon confirmation of the hearing date. The hourly rate applies not only to time spent in hearing but also to reading and analyzing briefs, reviewing record and research. Each party will pay its pro-rata share of the fees and expenses, unless the parties agree on a different allocation of fees and expenses. Rates subject to modification for cases assigned through BASF Mediation Services Program.
  2. Cancellation and Continuance Policy:
    Since it is usually difficult or impossible to schedule hearings on short notice to fill gaps caused by cancellation or continuances, any such cancellation or continuance shall cause forfeiture of all fees paid if the request is received no less than five days before the scheduled hearing date. This policy may be modified in the case of severe hardship, such as disabling illness or last minute court ordered appearances.
  3. Case Setting Services:
    To schedule a mediation contact Maureen Perez at Judicate West by phone: 800.488.8805 or Email
  4. Mediation Sessions:
    The parties to the mediation, their attorneys or other advisor, insurance or other representative with settlement authority and the mediator shall be present during the mediation. However, the mediator shall have the authority to determine if others may be present during the process, with prior notice to all parties. The mediator may meet with the parties and/or their attorneys separately during the course of the mediation or otherwise communicate separately with them. At the discretion of the mediator, any part of a mediation session may be conducted by telephone.
  5. Confidentiality:
    All communications, negotiations or settlement discussions by and between participants and/or the mediator shall remain confidential. The mediation sessions and any documents prepared for, of, or during the mediation, shall be confidential, in accordance with California Evidence Code Section 1115 et seq. The mediator shall be deemed ineligible to testify in any civil judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding as to any statements made at or in connection with the mediation.